Monday, December 7, 2009

dinna dinna...

Ok super short dinner post here.  Finals week is approaching and study crunch time needs to begin.

So, I had a small bowl of greek yogurt and Kashi cereal today before my psychology review session.
Dinner was a grilled chicken sandwich, a cup of soup, and an apple from Market.  And an unpictured handful of cocoa puffs for dessert :)

I also had a granola bar sometime today between classes.  I've lost track of the hours...  Ok, off to study! Night everyone!

Oh and on a last side note, I was pelted by icy rain on the walk home (3 miles uphill both ways...) from my study session... thank you winter... you lure us in with promises of hot chocolate and snowmen and then pelt us with icy rain. I'm done with you already.

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