Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gameday X 2!

Good morning!

I guess I didn't quite get my football fill yesterday.  Today I'm going to the Steelers game to squeeze some more football into my weekend.  My wonderful roommate was nice enough to invite me to join her and her family at the game today.  She has fantastic seats, apparently surrounded by some die-hard Steelers fans.  But then again, what Steelers fan isn't a die-hard? Recap and photos will surely be provided tonight!  I have a feeling it might (aka definitely) include a trip to Primanti Bros....  

I started my morning bright and early with a trip to the gym.  I had a great workout, with the whole gym to myself.  One of the perks of being a morning person in college!

I came back, showered and breakfast ready.  Sorry to be boring, but the exact same breakfast as yesterday.

1/2 c oats, vanilla, 1/4 egg whites added at end, topped with banana and greek yogurt.  Breakfast of champions (in the city of champions)

Speaking of bright and early gym trips, people often ask me how I manage to get to the gym so early every morning.  To me, I've been doing it so long that it's become second nature.  I thought I'd list my top three motivations for going to the gym first thing in the morning:

1. The gym is basically empty (at least in college world) in the morning.  I don't know about you, but nothing kills my motivation more than waiting in line for an elliptical.  Getting to the gym early eliminates this issue.  It's also much more pleasant to be in a calm, quiet gym.  

2.  It keeps me from cutting exercise out of my day.  Getting to the gym before the world wakes up keeps me from talking myself out of going.  No matter what day it is or how free my day seems, by 10 am, I'm always swamped with things I need to accomplish by the end of the day.  It's entirely too easy to let exercise slip to the back-burner when this stress surfaces.  Taking an hour in the morning to exercise has become my "me" time.  And doing it early never makes me feel guilty because I'm not skipping something else.  Reward yourself and read a trashy magazine, or catch up on TV time.

3. Shower time!  I know it seems insignificant, but for me, having to take more than one shower a day is enough to make me talk myself out of going to the gym.  If I go to the gym before I start my day, I can take one shower afterwards, and be ready for the rest of the day!  Your hair, and the environment, will thank you!

So, there you have it.  Give am exercise a chance.  Maybe you'll hate it, but you might find out you're a morning person too!

Have a good Sunday! Go Steelers!

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