Tuesday, December 8, 2009

La cena del dia

The weather is horrrrible tonight!  It's that weather where it's JUST warm enough to rain but not cold enough to snow.  It was a cold, rainy walk home from night class tonight!

I take a nutrition night class.  A lot of people hate night classes, but I actually prefer them.  It's much easier to get into the topic when you're there for 2.5 hours.  In my 50 minute classes, I find myself staring at the clock the whole time.  Night class is especially easy when it's nutrition, a topic that I love!  Tonight we talked all about nutrition through the life cycle.  Seeing the recommended intakes for children was eye-opening.  It's sad how few children are actually getting the nutrients they need.  It's an area that definitely needs work.

On a lighter note, dinner tonight was a veggie/chicken stir fry with an unpictured apple (and some coffee to get me through class!)

I'm predicting there will be more gingerbread house roof eating later on... just sayin'


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